A Short Bio:

At the Red Bull Verzasca event which earned him a spot in the Red Bull finals in Greece!

Jesse Peveril

born in Halifax, Canada, currently living in Geneva, Switzerland,started parkour and freerunning at 12 years old and it has been his greatest passion ever since.

Competitions and events:

Jesse has been a competitor in the World-renown “Red Bull: Art of Motion” competitions twice, placing fourth in his first ever competition and has also been a competing athlete at the Austrian competition “The Movement” of 2012 and the famed “AirWipp Challenge“, of 2013.  He is famous for his varied skills including upper body power moves, strong jumps and plyometrics, general creativity and overallness making him a well rounded traceur touching every aspects of the disciplines. Attending numerous international parkour/freerunning jams events and comepetitions as a special guest and/or competing athlete helped him gain recognition throughout the world.

Some of these are:

  • Reconquista 2013 Portugal
  • AirWipp Challenge 2013 Sweden
  • Jambo Krap Challenge 2013 Itlay
  • Tempest Pro Takeover 2013 California
  • WPF Camp 2012
  • Krap Invaders 3
  • Krap Invaders Winter Jam 2013

He has been part of many different associations and groups and is currently a representing athlete of “Free-Z Parkour and Freerunning”

In his career he has been in a great many shows and performances, and has been an asset to leading and choreographing such events.

A short list of these performances include:

  • Red Bull X-Run Switzerland
  • Ice Watch “Sundance Festival”
  • Volvo: Switzerland
  • 2011 World Championship of X-trial in Geneva,Switzerland
  • “Swiss Car Event” of 2012
  • “Wake n Jam” Festival of 2012
  • “Asphaltissimo” 2009 with “Gravity Style”
  • and many more!

Since the start of 2008, he has been a participant in over 400 street shows all around Switzerland varying from charity events to breakdance battles to major festivals.

Teaching and coaching:

Aside from personal growth Jesse has also been working at spreading the knowledge throughout the communites! He has been working as a teacher and monitor since the start of 2008, running classes in multiple different gymnastic centers all throughout the Swiss cities of  Geneva and Lausanne.

He has great experience running workshops as he has done so with many different associations, a number of them being:

  • Tempest Freerunning Academy  6 month Internship
  • Free-Z
  • Yamakasi
  • GTC (Geneva Traceurs Crew)
  • XTM (X-Trem Move Lausanne)

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